Humanity’s Lucky Clover 

Why do some states and societies thrive while others do not? What awaits us in the future? Is there a universal model that can guide our success? Vadim Makhov believes there is and that it can be found by means of careful analysis of the past. In this truly big-idea book he presents his ‘lucky clover’ theory in which, when four critical elements – science, society, innovation and wealth – are present, interacting and developing simultaneously, culminate in success.

Having studied hundreds of sources, scrutinised numerous tangled intricacies in world history, and found interesting correlations between various events and phenomena, the author sets out to demonstrate that, through careful analysis of the past, we can find the right path to success.

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Vadim Makhov

Vadim  has a PhD in Economics, and is a well-known entrepreneur and expert innovator. He has taken an active part in many innovative projects carried out by various Russian and foreign companies, and initiated the development of many new products. He founded the Bard Worldwide Investment Fund, which is concerned with the development of future technologies.



   “To demonstrate his theory, innovator Vadim Makhov reviews various concepts of human development that have been formulated prior to his own, and the book Humanity’s Lucky Clover presents an impressive collection of knowledge, ideas, and common sense. Carefully written, elegantly laid out, and artistically illustrated, this book will undoubtedly be of interest to those looking at the world in a systemic way.”

Noubar Afeyan, PhD, Founder and CEO, Flagship Pioneering


“With penetrating simplicity and clarity, Vadim Makhov takes us through the word’s history of great innovations. Highly recommended.”

Dr Michael Obermayer, Former Senior Partner and founding Chairman of McKinsey Eastern Europe


“Fascinating reading for all curious minds willing to explore and understand the complex world around us. Vadim takes us to a cross-disciplinary intellectual adventure where concepts from economics, natural sciences and history are merged together to develop an authentic model of social, technological and economic innovation. Deep analysis with amazingly wide factual basis, yet very clear and captivating reading with abundant original vignettes and anecdotes.”

Marat Atnashev, PhD, Dean of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO


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ISBN: 978-1-911498-94-0

Publication: October, 2018

Price: £24.99

Format: 234 x 156mm • Hardback • 352pp

Category BIC Classification: Business/ Economics

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